DARDA splitting cylinders are designed to split natural rock and concrete, a function which, with the use of hydraulics, is accomplished with the utmost precision, environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness. Whereas traditional methods of rock blasting are accompanied by complex, high cost safety precautions, the safety requirements entailed by this technique are reduced to a minimum.

Recently Stocks and Hogan had a difficult job to do splitting and removing rocks beside the house where they wanted to do renovations, the rock was too close to the footings and could not be blastered or removed.

So a less non invasive method using DARDA achieved to result without damage to the existing property on the North Coast.

We offer these services and more from Coffs Harbour, Moree, Tamworth, Armidale, Glen Innes, Grafton, Ballina and all areas in between.

Along with rock splitting we also offer:

•Concrete Sawing
•Concrete Drilling
•Concrete Hand Sawing
•Concrete Road Sawing
•Concrete Ring Sawing
•Concrete Grinding & Grooving
•Concrete Polishing
•Joint Sealing
•Concrete Core Drilling




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