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Welcome to Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw, the benchmark of precision in concrete modification services. Our journey began in 1986 when Paul Stocks launched our inaugural operations in Coffs Harbour, focusing on concrete sawing and drilling to cater to the needs of local builders and municipal projects.

The year 1988 marked a pivotal expansion as Chris Hogan brought his expertise into the fold, and together, Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw emerged. Leveraging our combined industry experience of over six decades, we have considerably grown and diversified our services. Today, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive suite that encompasses Concrete Sawing, Drilling, Hand Sawing, Road Sawing, Ring Sawing, Rock and Concrete Splitting, Grinding, Joint Sealing, and Core Drilling.

Our commitment extends across the verdant expanse of regional northern New South Wales, bolstered by our strategic office in Coffs Harbour and a fleet of five mobile units.

At Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw, we don’t just offer services—we deliver enduring solutions that stand the test of time and the rigors of construction.


Our Team

Paul Stocks and Chris Hogan have a combined experience of 48 years in the industry. Chris McDonough has actively been involved in the business for 17 years with the remainder of our staff having a combined total of some 35 years industry experience.

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