Our expertise encompasses a wide array of concrete cutting, drilling, and grinding services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Our offerings include:

  • Concrete Sawing: Precision cutting for creating openings, adjusting sizes, or removing concrete sections with clean, straight lines.
  • Concrete Core Drilling: Essential for precise holes, whether for plumbing, electrical conduits, or HVAC installations, ensuring minimal impact on surrounding structures.
  • Concrete Hand Sawing (Hydraulic and High Frequency): Perfect for spaces where larger equipment won’t fit, providing versatility without sacrificing precision.
  • 3Phase Road Sawing: Ideal for cutting through asphalt and concrete on roads, highways, and large pavements with efficiency and accuracy.
  • Concrete Ring Sawing: Enables deeper cutting than traditional hand saws, ideal for thick walls and floors.
  • Rock and Concrete Splitting: A non-explosive method for breaking down large boulders or concrete structures safely and effectively.
  • Concrete Grinding & Grooving: Enhances surface texture, improving traction and drainage while smoothing out irregularities.
  • Joint Sealing: Extends the lifespan of concrete installations by preventing water ingress and protecting against debris accumulation.
  • Track Sawing: Offers precision in cutting vertical and horizontal surfaces in confined or challenging spaces.
  • Wire Sawing: Provides a solution for cutting large sections of concrete and stone, where traditional saws cannot reach or when precision is paramount.


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