If you have a large-scale infrastructure project, a local community development, or a precise residential renovation, Stocks & Hogan Concrete Sawing and Drilling is your trusted partner. We bring our expertise, innovative techniques, and commitment to safety and quality to every job, ensuring results that speak volumes of our dedication to excellence.

We Specialize in:

  • Concrete Sawing: For precise cuts through any concrete surface.
  • Concrete Core Drilling: Perfect for creating precise holes for plumbing, electrical, and more.
  • Concrete Hand Sawing (Hydraulic and High Frequency): Ideal for intricate cutting tasks in confined spaces.
  • 3Phase Road Sawing: For large-scale cutting on roads and highways.
  • Concrete Ring Sawing: Enables deeper cutting with minimal overcuts.
  • Rock and Concrete Splitting: A non-explosive method for breaking down large boulders or structures.
  • Concrete Grinding & Grooving: To ensure smooth surfaces or create anti-slip grooves.
  • Joint Sealing: Protects and prolongs the life of your concrete surfaces.
  • Track Sawing and Wire Sawing: For precision cuts on large or complex structures.

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