Concrete Joint Sealing

Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw: Your Experts in Concrete Joint Sealing

In the domain of concrete construction, the longevity and durability of structures significantly depend on the quality of joint sealing. At Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw, we specialise in concrete joint sealing, providing services throughout regional northern New South Wales. Our office in Coffs Harbour serves as the hub for our five mobile units, delivering 24-hour service to major towns and cities like Moree, Tamworth, Armidale, Glen Innes, Grafton, Ballina, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, and Nambucca Heads.

The Essential Role of Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete joint sealing is not just a measure of precaution; it’s a critical procedure used to extend the life of concrete structures. Sealing joints is essential to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from penetrating concrete slabs. This not only maintains the integrity of the structure but also allows for the necessary movement within the concrete without compromising its durability.

The infiltration of water is the arch-nemesis of concrete’s lifespan. By sealing the joints effectively, we prevent surface water from deteriorating the concrete from within, which could otherwise lead to significant structural issues. Joint sealing is a proactive defence against these threats, ensuring that the durability of your concrete investment is not compromised by water damage.

Daily, concrete surfaces endure the heavy burden of vehicular traffic, leading to chipping and cracking. Using the appropriate sealant, our team ensures that the joints of your concrete surfaces are protected against the constant wear and tear. Whether it’s a bustling airport or a private driveway, our joint sealing services are your concrete’s shield against the relentless traffic.

Sealants for Every Situation

Our repertoire includes a wide range of sealants, each specified to meet the unique needs of various applications, including:

  • RTA approved silicone sealant for expansion joints with 100% movement
  • Joint sealing for roadways, highways, and airport aprons
  • Application in car parks, driveways, and industrial spaces like factories and workshops
  • Specialised sealing for water spillways and dams

Concrete Joint Sealing: Maintaining Structural Integrity

Our joint sealing expertise is applied to preserve the expansion or construction joints by sealing them with a selection of high-quality sealants. This meticulous process is crucial for highways, footpaths, driveways, and any point where two concrete slabs converge. We ensure that all joints are prepared appropriately, often widening them to specifications ranging from 6mm to 40mm, before applying the sealant.

Joint sealing is a versatile service that is essential in multiple contexts, including:

  • Longitudinal joints for various construction boundaries
  • Transverse joints that require specialised attention
  • Sealing in brickwork, tilt panels, and more

Our sealing services not only prevent water infiltration but also keep out non-compressible materials that can impede the natural movement of the concrete, thus avoiding irregular cracking and structural instability.

With timely joint sealing, we can defer, and in many cases, eliminate the need for expensive maintenance such as slab jacking or pressure grouting. Furthermore, sealing joints prior to asphalt overlay can significantly reduce the incidence of reflective cracking, thereby extending the life of the new pavement layer.

Partnership with Construction and Civil Leaders

Working alongside all the major construction and civil companies across NSW, Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw brings decades of expertise to every project. Our team is well-versed in manufacturer specifications and brings a wealth of experience to various types of joint sealing applications, ensuring your project’s success.

For a partnership that guarantees precision, durability, and meticulous attention to detail, trust Stocks & Hogan Core & Saw for all your concrete joint sealing needs.

Connect with us today, and let us help secure the longevity and strength of your concrete structures.